Website Construction Service Process

Preliminary communication

To understand the customers needs.

Determine scheme

Confirm the selected template according to the customer, and build the website framework.

Website draft

Edit the content of the website based on the information and pictures provided by the customer and submit it to the customer for review.

Modify the first draft

Make the final modifications to the first drafts according to the customer’s requirements.

Publish website

Publish the final version of the website confirmed by the customer to the Internet.

Basic web package

HKD 5,800
  • Website information graphic display board.
  • Product/service graphic display board.
  • General online message function section.
  • Company address map location function section.
  • Chinese and English language.
  • PC+tablet browsing version.
  • Domain name registration.
  • 10GB web hosting space (HKD600).
  • Company email.

Service Agreement for Website Construction

  1. The website construction service includes the establishment of a website and a back-end system according to the style specified by the customer, and upload the content of the webpage (including text and pictures) to the website.
  2. When signing the service agreement for website construction, the customer must first pay 70% of the total amount of the project as the first instalment production fee and registration fee, and the remaining 30% must be paid before the website is officially released.
  3. Customers are responsible for submitting edited, modified text, pictures and other resources as web content. If we need to provide content creation services such as writing, typing, collecting data, designing or modifying pictures, additional charges will be required.
  4. Customers need to provide pages name and clear instructions of the contents of each page.
  5. Once the customer’s selected website template is determined not to change any structure, but only the text, pictures and page content layout are modified. The first draft of the website is modified as the final release version only however for one free modification only. If multiple modifications are required, an additional fee will be charged.
  6. The company will not be held legally responsible for any web content provided by customers, including the copyright infringement, privacy infringement , improper use of information or other related legal liabilities.
  7. Due to a large number of browsing tools on the market, we only ensure that the web page functions and layout can work normally on computers, tablets, and mobile phones with most newer versions of browsers. It may be affected when browsing on the old versions or newer versions of the browser after the web page is completed. There will be a deviation. And different browsing tools have different aspect ratios and screen configurations, so there will be deviations in proportions and colours.
  8. In case of any claims the maximum compensation amount does not exceed the amount paid.
  9. The contract period is 6 months. After 6 months, if the customer does not consign the webpage production data or does not request for modification or not respond, the company has the right to terminate the webpage production service and delete all the webpage data, and the received deposit will not be refunded.
  10. Website management services include website relocation, website hosting, backup, website maintenance and update content, additional fees are required.