About Us

aStone Limited is one of Hong Kong's companies focused on promoting digital innovation. We are committed to providing comprehensive, reliable and tailor-made business and accounting solutions to support Hong Kong companies with substances.

The digital business process is based on efficiency as the major premise, including tailor-made middle-tier software for customers from different industries to connect with our own stable accounting system "Sheep", so that customers can establish and develop business in the field that their expert in.

aStone Limited is composed of the International Association of Internal Auditors and experienced programmers. The company daily operations with a reliable partner that integrates the ready-made technology, provides fast and efficient data input mode and internal control according to tailor-made business process.


Our story

Since 2017, the founder at that time concluded to use information technology to process and paperless accounting system. And inevitable means for any company to sustainable. It is therefore, we split the in house developed accounting system from the firm that provides corporate services and become an independent information technology company (aStone Limited).

Based on our accumulated past experience in accounting for many years, we directly participated in the adoption of different accounting systems with hundreds of small and medium sized customers and encountered sorrow and despair. Therefore, it motivate us to develop a set of all round accounting system that can reopen to the true required of some.

That accounting system has undergone more than 10 years of large scale and small revision, improvement, and even transit of the system platform transfer before we come to our connect accounting system "Sheep".


Our belief

The logo we registered for aStone Limited as trademark is a rock that has a lot of data, which fully represents our belief that data is the foundation of any business operations.

The information system we are pursuing to adopt is as solid as rock, which is the cornerstone of the business our customers participated.


Our vision

Through our accumulated experience and further efforts, we will not blindly pursue any new features and highlights from the common marketing technique.

On the contrary, we pay attention to the data obtained running by the system of the reliability, completeness, and availability of the data obtained from the system and unleash the potential value of information obtained from statistical analysis on data and truly provide value to customers.

We persist to maintain the system as easy and simple, flexible, and efficient data input.


Our value

  • Integration/Automatic
    We focus on cost-effectiveness and practically (refuse fancy), so we pay great attention through integration and “automated” execution that reduce the actual manpower cost and reduce human error in the system.
  • Custom-made system
    Although we tailor-made operating systems for customers, we insist on implementing a framework governed by internal control, program flow logic, and compliance. Also, the use of the system strikes a balance between the contradictory requirements such as convenience, to use and monitor.
  • Safe and Stable
    Although we maintain a high degree of transparency in the way we work, we always value the stability of the operating system and consider confidentiality and security (non-profit generation) as our first rule of thumb.