Private cloud storage

The host is recommended by the customer, and we provide installation and debugging services to ensure that the customer can share the file update online in the company, at home, and on the mobile phone in the shortest time.

The customer's users manage the accounts and authorizations of different users in the company after proper training (or can also be hosted by us), so that the company seems to have its own set of DROPBOX or ONEDRIVE.

Since the entire system is located at the location designated by the customer, the customer has the effect and benefit of directly and physically managing their important confidential documents.

The advantages of owning private cloud storage

Private and safe

  • Fully manage documents.

Flexible self-control

  • Revise the permissions of users and which files they can access at any time.
  • Don’t worry about suppliers’ implementation of controls and restrictions.


  • High speed.
  • Straight-chain download, unlimited speed, unlimited capacity. 

Create private cloud storage

1. Choose a host

2. Choose a domain name

  • If the customer does not have a fixed IP, you can choose to set a dynamic domain name (DDNS) to deal with it.

3. Install the private cloud

4. Install SSL Certificate

  • Ensure that web pages or other documents transmitted and synchronized between the client and the server are performed under high-strength encryption.

5. Install fail2ban

  • Prevent brute force cracking.
  • Use iptables to ban connections after the IP with more than multiple failed connections.

6. Accounts and permissions

  • File access control.
  • From single file permissions to group files.
  • Go to IP address shielding, you can set the access time, file type, user, group.

Other services for the establishment of the system

  • Understand the real needs of customers about (Private cloud storage).
  • Ensure that the selected hardware is compatibility and suitability .
  • Select a suitable dynamic domain name system ( if necessary).
  • Set the network address conversion in the router.
  • Install SSL Certificate.
  • Install Fail2ban Intrusion detection system.
  • Set users and their permission.
  • Set the document catalog.
  • Install client platform on the mobile phone / tablet.